Saints vs. Saints: Game of the Week

In the aftermath of the Saints and Panthers game, I’ve got a game that should be perfect.

The Saints offense is not exactly loaded with talent, but it should be able to pull off the upset over the Panthers and secure a first-round bye in the playoffs.

The Panthers are on the road in Atlanta, so we can expect a good matchup on the gridiron, as they were against the Saints in Week 6.

They are also coming off their first road victory in five games, which is a good sign for their playoff chances.

Here’s how we break down the game:Who’s playing: Carolina Panthers at the SaintsThe Panthers were 0-2 on the year against the Panthers in Atlanta.

The Falcons won the NFC South title with a win over Carolina last year, so this game should be easy.

The Saints are coming off a bye week, so that will make it more difficult for Carolina to play their best football against Atlanta.

However, it could be a good time to take the lead and get it over the top.

The Panthers have to stop Cam Newton from scoring on a 3rd and 16 from the Saints 40.

If they do that, they have to win the turnover battle and get the ball back quickly to get into field goal range.

The score: Carolina 49, Saints 31Who’s scoring: Carolina 46, Saints 26This is going to be a battle of the trenches, as the Panthers offense is going up against the Falcons’ defensive front.

Carolina is leading the Panthers 23-17 at the half, and it’s a great time to score points.

The first touchdown of the half comes on a 1-yard run by Matt Ryan, who runs through the Saints secondary to score on the next play.

The second score comes from a 4-yard gain by Brandon Coleman.

Coleman runs the length of the field, and the Saints are not expecting him to make a big play downfield.

The score is tied at 29-29 with about 7:30 left in the half.

It looks like this will be the game where the Panthers come out with a big lead, but the Falcons defense is able to shut down the Panthers rushing attack.

This game is going down to the wire.

The NFC South champion Falcons are going to have to get points from the ground game to win.

I believe the Saints will have to take away some of the Panthers running game to get the win.