How the NBA made Fortnite a $5 billion business, and why it’s doing it right

In the days since its launch, Fortnites has been a runaway success.

It was downloaded more than 10 million times by March.

It has a subscriber base that is larger than that of and NBA TV.

It’s the second-biggest NBA app in the US, after the App Store.

And now, in its third year, it’s also the third-most popular game in the world.

It got this much press because it’s so good.

And it’s getting more attention because of its incredible marketing strategy.

I mean, it has all the trappings of a $10 billion franchise.

The marketing and branding are absolutely stellar.

It is the first esports game, and it has the same kind of fan base as a lot of traditional sports, because they are really good at it.

But the strategy, and the way that they’ve managed it is, they have a very different way of getting fans engaged with their game.

That’s why people are playing it.

And I mean the game has been the No. 1 sports app in North America since its release.

They say the first-week revenue was $1.4 billion, and they’re not going to give that up, because you can’t compete with that.

But they’ve been really good about it.

They have this whole thing of doing content with the NBA, where they have their players live in the studio.

They’ve built this relationship with NBA, and then they have an NBA app, which is a great way to reach the same audience.

It gives them that additional boost of legitimacy.

So you have this new business model that allows them to make money off of the brand.

They’re doing that with a whole host of other brands, and I mean it’s really, really exciting.

But it’s a very, very different approach.

They know they’re selling games, and that they can sell more.

So they’ve really made a conscious decision to go with this strategy, which I think is very, really smart.

They just haven’t gotten it right yet.

You know, the biggest complaint with Fortnits launch is that it’s not the big-name games that they had in the past.

But with the addition of the NBA app and the endorsement deal, the game really has grown and become this much more big.

It just kind of exploded.

So I mean this is an extremely different business model than the way you’ve done traditional sports games, where you’re trying to make as much money as possible.

And they’ve done a great job of trying to do that.

The thing is, Fort nites marketing strategy is also a really smart strategy.

They put a lot more emphasis on social.

They want people to come to their games, they want them to interact with them.

They also have a really great deal with social, because I think that’s a big part of the game.

But also, they’ve created a really cool way to bring in sponsors, and to do so on mobile, which means that there’s a lot less competition.

There’s also this huge amount of marketing and content around the game, which gives them a great deal of control over the content that people are seeing on their devices.

And that’s one of the great things about Fortnit.

You’re not just doing your game on a tablet, which can be difficult for a traditional sports app, because a lot people don’t have a big screen.

They don’t want to get distracted.

They can be on the go and just do something else, like play a game.

So it’s incredibly important for them to build that kind of platform, to make sure that the games themselves are really well-designed and engaging, and have that kind a brand awareness.

The other thing they’ve built, is they’ve also made a really, very unique game-play experience.

You can’t play a traditional game, because it requires a lot on the PC and on consoles.

So when they’ve gone mobile, it allows them not only to do a game that has a much higher visual fidelity, but also a lot better gameplay experience, and a lot easier on the eyes.

That makes it much more accessible for kids.

So, really, it really has been an incredible success.

I think they’ve had a really good strategy and a very clever marketing plan.

They were really ahead of the curve, but they’ve just got to keep it up.

And the bottom line is, it looks like the games are going to be very profitable for the company, and for the fans.

I really hope that people like it, and like the brand, and want to see it continue to grow.

And then, obviously, if they get more players and more fans, they’ll really be able to make a lot from it.

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