Why is prodigy not playing?

Prodigy, the popular cryptocurrency, has suffered a major setback in its development as of today, as it has been halted by a bug.

The issue with prodigy, which has been around since 2013, has been known for some time, with the developer saying in June that it had a bug that could lead to “significant loss of revenue”.

Prodigy has a large community of fans, and was recently voted one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies on the website CoinMarketCap.

In an update on the company’s website, it has now stated that the issue has been resolved and will be re-enabled in “the next few hours”.

“It’s been a difficult few days for our community as we have been forced to shut down our beta and the Prodigy mobile app for the past week.

Our focus right now is on improving Prodigy as soon as possible and hope to have it back online by the end of this week,” the post read.”

This is a huge blow for our fans as we had the opportunity to release Prodigy to the public a few months ago, and we have had to continue to work on it as a service for many months.”

Prodigy was launched in 2013 as an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, with its own blockchain.

Its first coins, which are currently listed on exchanges, were used to pay for things such as video subscriptions.

It was later expanded to include an online store and an online marketplace.