‘This Is Us’ Star Lena Dunham to Return to ‘Girls’ to Star in ‘Supergirl’ [VIDEO]

Lena Dunham will return to “This Is We” as Supergirl, and the actress will be playing Kara Zor-El.

Dunham has been a favorite of fans since the show premiered in 2016, with fans and critics alike praising her performance in the show’s third season.

The actress was previously cast as a member of the cast in the upcoming Supergirl movie.

Dunham will also be appearing as herself in a cameo as Kara Zand-El in the “Supergirl” film, as well as voicing her own character.

She will also appear as herself as Kara’s mother, Supergirl.

“Superheroes, superpowers, Kara Z. El, Kara, Kara!

Kara Z and her Supergirl team-up to save the day.

The Kara Zoran-El family will return,” read the synopsis for the upcoming “Supergirls” film.

“Kara Zor will be Supergirl’s mother.

This is a super-powered Kara family that takes a Supergirl to the next level.

This movie is an epic adventure for Kara Zorah El, Superboy, and Supergirl.”

The actress previously teased on Instagram that she would be back for “Superboy.”

“The #Supergirls team- up is in full swing, with Superboy returning to #Supergirl to fight crime,” she wrote.

“I can’t wait to see Kara again.

She is my favorite!

#Superboy #Superhero #SuperGirl.”

The “Superboys” team is also expected to reunite in “SuperSupergirl,” which will debut in 2018.

“This is us,” she tweeted.

“Coming to the Supergirl set in 2019.”