How to get a cat game on PC

From what I understand, the Cat Games API is only available for the Windows and Mac versions of Windows.

I tried to download one of the PC versions of the game but I was unable to get the game to work because it was not available in the game’s repository.

The game is still in a state where it is only known for Windows.

This is very strange.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve been unable to download the game and it will probably be the last.

I did not try to download any other versions of Cat Games.

The developer is also not responsive to any queries or complaints from anyone.

I am unable to play the game on the Mac because the Mac version of the Mac App Store doesn’t allow the download of CatGames on the App Store.

I have not played the game in any other way.

The Cat Games app is also unavailable on the Google Play Store.

It is unknown if this is the same issue with the Android app.

The developers are not available for comment.