Aarp, NBA games,NBA All-Star weekend free to play

The NBA is once again allowing fans to use their Aarp mobile device as an activator to play games at select arenas.

Aarp is a social gaming platform for people to play multiplayer games, and its app allows users to use an Aarp device to play NBA games.

The NBA’s games are free to use on the Aarp platform, and the NBA All-Stars and All-NBA games are available for purchase on the app for $7.99.

For those who don’t have an Aarps device, the NBA games available for play on the platform include:The NBA All Star Weekend free games are currently available for buy on the NBA app.

The NBA’s All-Door All-Access Pass is available for use on an Aarsp device, and Aarp also offers a $5.99 per year NBA Pass subscription that includes the NBA and NBA Pass apps.NBA All Star weekend, the league’s most-watched free-to-play basketball event, kicks off next week and will last through the end of the season.