When does the Eagles have a chance?

The Eagles have yet to get any sort of game-plan going against the Packers, but they’re certainly on the cusp of finding one, as the Eagles’ chances of a win against Green Bay on Sunday night look like something that could be a real possibility.

Here’s a look at how the teams are tied and what the chances of the two teams meeting in the NFC Championship Game are.

The Eagles’ odds of winning a gameThe odds of a game being played in the Meadowlands are roughly 1 in 3.7 million.

This means that the Eagles are 2.8% more likely than Green Bay to win the game.

The Eagles’ overall odds of making the playoffs were 10.5% in the last two weeks, meaning that their odds of doing so are nearly 7.5%.

The team has a 50.8-percent chance of making it, which would mean that their chances of winning the game are just under 13%.

The odds that Green Bay wins in the game have also increased slightly.

It’s a 50-50 game, which means that their overall odds have increased to a 51.9-percent probability.

The chances of Green Bay winning in the match have increased by 2.4% to a 9.7-percent likelihood, which is about the same as it was on Wednesday.

It’s worth noting that the teams only met on Oct. 10, a week before the regular season ended.

The Packers lost to the Bears in the playoffs, and they didn’t play the Cowboys on Sunday.

It remains to be seen if the teams will be playing again on Oct 15.

The Packers and Eagles both have one win and three losses this season.

The Giants have a 2-5 record, while the Packers have a 5-3 record.