President Trump to sign law on transgender military ban

The Trump administration will sign a new law Thursday requiring transgender people to serve in the military.

President Donald Trump signed the measure on Twitter.

The new law is expected to provide transgender service members with access to gender-affirming health care, including hormone therapy.

The measure will not include a gender identity standard, but instead, the new law will require all troops to use their “gender identity” on their registration forms.

The change is likely to draw widespread condemnation from LGBT advocates, who fear the measure will lead to more discrimination against LGBT people in the future.

President Trump tweeted that the new legislation will be a “massive victory” for our troops and “protects their health, safety and security.”

The transgender military policy, which was written in consultation with the military’s leadership and civilian medical personnel, requires transgender troops to have access to a surgical procedure known as gender reassignment surgery.

The military has long provided transgender troops with the surgery.

The move comes as the military has been under criticism for the lack of gender-neutral bathrooms for the troops, as well as for the high rate of suicides among those serving in the armed forces.

In February, a coalition of more than 200 LGBT rights groups sent a letter to the White House urging the administration to expand the access to the military to transgender troops.

“There are already transgender service individuals serving in our armed forces, and we expect this new policy to ensure that transgender troops are able to receive the care they need and deserve,” the letter read.