What’s wrong with the 2016 Super Bowl?

The 2016 Superbowl is shaping up to be a bad one for NFL teams.

In fact, we’re already starting to see the effect on the game itself.

Here are a few of the things we’ve learned so far: 1.

The game is trending downwards for the first time since 2004.

It was up last year and is now down by nearly 10%.2.

The AFC South is trending upwards, but the NFC West is trending down.3.

The NFC North is trending up and the NFC East is trending in the opposite direction.4.

The NFL is trending towards the future.

The NFC East will be a division for the foreseeable future.5.

The Packers are the NFC’s No. 1 team this season.

They are now the only team in the NFC that hasn’t lost at least two games.6.

The Seahawks are the AFC’s No 2 team, and are the only one in the league to play two straight games without allowing more than 30 points.7.

The Raiders are the NFL’s best team this year, and the Cowboys are second.8.

The Steelers are the No. 2 team in Football Outsiders’ DVOA ratings.9.

The Bengals are the top-ranked defense in the NFL, and No. 4 overall.10.

The Bears are No. 5 in DVOA and No 2 in scoring.11.

The Eagles are No 1 in DVAP (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) and No 3 in rushing yards per game.12.

The Cardinals are No 2 overall and No 7 in yards per play.13.

The Panthers are No 8 overall and Nos.

6 and 7 in passing yards per week.14.

The Patriots are No 5 in scoring and No 12 in passing.15.

The Broncos are No 7 overall and the No 2 offense in DVPA.16.

The Cowboys are No 12 overall and are No 11 in total offense.17.

The Colts are No 17 overall and have been ranked in the top 10 every week this season except for one week.18.

The Saints are No 22 overall and play in the AFC South.19.

The Jets are No 15 overall and rank No 12th in points per game, and they’re No 15 in points allowed per game and No 21 in scoring defense.20.

The Titans are No 16 overall and were ranked No 14th in passing offense and No 22nd in scoring offense.21.

The Falcons are No 19 overall and ranked No 12 this week.22.

The Ravens are No 20 overall and haven’t lost a game since their Week 5 bye.23.

The Rams are No 21 overall and tied for No 9th in total defense and No 19th in scoring this season, and have won four of their last five games.24.

The Browns are No 25 overall and had a 10-game winning streak snapped last week, and haven, for the third time this season are No 18 in DVAROA and 12th on offense.25.

The Bills are No 26 overall and 12-2.26.

The Dolphins are No 30 overall and 7-5.27.

The Chargers are No 32 overall and 5-6.28.

The Jaguars are No 34 overall and 3-5-1.29.

The Lions are No 36 overall and 4-7.30.

The Texans are No 38 overall and 6-4.31.

The Vikings are No 40 overall and 2-8.32.

The Chiefs are No 42 overall and 1-9.33.

The Giants are No 43 overall and 8-5 and the Jets are 8-6 and the Eagles are 9-4 and the Patriots are 10-4, tied for the NFC North lead.34.

The Redskins are No 49 overall and sit at No 6th in DV, No 12 th in scoring, and 5th in rushing defense.35.

The Bucs are No 48 overall and 11-4-1 this season after finishing 9-7 last year.36.

The 49ers are No 57 overall and finished last season 10-6 after winning 10 straight games last season.37.

The Buccaneers are No 60 overall and 15-3 this season in the same division they finished in last season, the NFC South.38.

The two-time defending NFC Champions Cowboys are now 8-7 in the division this season and ranked 13th overall.39.

The reigning Super Bowl champions Colts are ranked No 15 this week after finishing 8-8 last year, including 5-7 this season (including their bye).40.

The four-time champion Ravens are 10th overall and 0-2 in the Super Bowl this season but were 8-4 in the regular season and won their first Super Bowl since 2007.41.

The last two years, the Raiders have been No 7 this season with their first win coming in the playoffs.42.

The first time in franchise history, the Eagles and Bears are tied for first place in DV and scoring defense, and ranked tied for second in rushing offense