How to watch NBA games live with

A new online streaming service has launched that lets people watch NBA basketball games live.

The NBALive streaming service was announced today by the league and ESPN in an article that is titled, “Live streams of NBA games, with access to highlights, scores, and more.”

The site, which is still under development, includes more than a dozen live streams that are hosted on ESPN’s servers.

In addition to the NBA games available to watch live, the site also offers highlights from the league’s regular season, playoffs, and championship series.

A live stream will not only allow fans to get a closer look at the action on the court but also watch highlights and highlights videos of players on the floor as well.

Live streams will also feature live player interviews, scores and highlights from special events and a host of other highlights.

While the NFL has been experimenting with its own streaming service for some time, the league says the partnership with ESPN is the first time a live streaming service will allow fans a closer connection to the action.

“With this partnership, we can bring you the NBA’s biggest game, the NBA Finals, on the biggest screen in the world, the ESPN App, and we can do it in front of you and on-demand as well,” ESPN said.

“This is the biggest sports-specific TV platform to date, and it’s a perfect fit for our passionate fans.”