How to Play: The Official Star Wars Game (Official Game of the Week)

We’ve been a bit late to the party with the official Star Wars game, but now it’s here!

It’s called Star Wars: The Old Republic and it’s out today for $19.99.

It’s an MMO where you play as a Jedi Knight (yes, the same one from the original trilogy) in a quest to take down Darth Vader and save the galaxy from the dreaded Empire.

There’s also a free-to-play option, but we’re not going to be covering that here.

Instead, let’s take a look at how to play.

Here are the big features that will be on offer:1.

Solo mode: You’ll play as one of five different classes.

You can customize your character and customize your equipment to your liking.2.

Over 50 unlockable content: You can upgrade your lightsaber to a powerful lightsaber that you can equip on your character, as well as unlock new lightsaber skills that you unlock as you level up.3.

Customizable character customization: Your lightsaber can be customized with a variety of features, from armor to face, ears, and more.4.

A lightsaber tree: Each character unlocks new skills and abilities as you go through the game, and it is up to you to create a custom lightsaber to suit your playstyle.5.

PvP: There are also multiplayer modes to explore, including a game mode for two-on-two duels, or three-on in an online co-op mode.6.

A variety of story missions: There is a variety to each mission, with some of them requiring you to complete a single side quest and others requiring you complete multiple side quests.7.

A story-driven story mode: A new side-quest is added every week, giving you more ways to complete side quests in the game.8.

A new crafting system: Players can craft gear, armor, and weapons from the crafting menu.9.

More than 10 different lightsaber skills to master: There’s a ton of different skills to learn, and they all have different effects on your weapon and armor.10.

A brand new multiplayer map, The Temple of the Force: You get to explore a new area that’s open to all players in the new area, called The Temple, that’s set in the Jedi Temple in a galaxy far, far away.11.

New multiplayer map: The Maw, a massive cave-in that’s an epic space battle that pits players against each other to see who can build the most impressive defenses.12.

More story content: The game also introduces a new side quest called the Jedi Knight’s Trials, which features a story of the Jedi’s trials on the Death Star and the Battle of Endor.