NHL game: Circle K game activated for all to play

The NBA’s upcoming game between the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors is the latest major event to feature a popular mobile app.NBA Mobile will host a virtual game on the game’s website for players to download.

It’s a first for the league and it marks the first time a mobile game has been activated for its home fans.

The NBA game will be played on the court at the AT&T Center in San Antonio on Saturday night.

The game will stream live online.

It is a game that is expected to generate some $4 billion in revenue.

NBA games have traditionally featured NBA stars like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, who are popular in the app-driven world.

The NBA is also expected to be the first major league to include a digital platform like NHL Mobile.

NHL’s NBA app features a virtual basketball game where players can score points by dribbling on the hoop.

Players can also take shots from a variety of vantage points, including behind the net, on the other side of the court and in front of the goal.