Which Disney games are the best?

Disney is rolling out new digital offerings for its digital properties in an effort to broaden the appeal of its digital products.

Today, the company announced new titles for its Disney Infinity, Marvel Heroes, and Disney World apps, as well as an overhaul of the Disney Princess and Disney Movie app.

The new titles are part of a broader initiative to diversify its offerings and to broaden its appeal, Disney said.

These titles include:* Disney Infinity: Star Wars Battlefront (October 23, 2018) The Disney Infinity game is a new and highly-anticipated adventure for the Disney Infinity line.

It is a first-person shooter game featuring a fully realized Star Wars universe, where players control one of five Star Wars characters and unlock powerful skills and vehicles for their team of heroes.

The game includes four Star Wars figures and four Star Destroyer figures, as players battle in a new Star Wars galaxy.* Marvel Heroes: Avengers vs. X-Men (October 30, 2018)* Marvel Heroes is a competitive and action-packed card game, in which players collect, assemble, and compete with each other in a wide range of combat arenas.

Players must defeat and capture opponents, build up their squad, and use their characters to take on a variety of powerful opponents.* Disney Princess: Marvel’s Avengers (October 29, 2018)- This action-adventure game is the latest Disney product to feature a princess, and it stars an all-new heroine in the form of Marvel’s Iron Fist.

Players will be able to customize the characters and battle to the death with a Marvel villain named Iron Fist!* Disney Movie: Inside Out (October 31, 2018* The latest Disney movie, Inside Out, stars a young child named Max and his father, a scientist named Dr. Ian.

The movie features a young boy named Woody, who is trying to figure out what’s going on after his dad’s accident.

The two must investigate a mysterious accident in the woods and uncover what is causing the boy to act in strange ways.

The Disney Infinity games will be available for purchase on iOS devices and Android devices through the Disney Store, Disney Play, and the Disney App Store.

The Marvel Heroes app will be made available for download on Android devices and iOS devices through Google Play, Google Play Movies, and Apple’s App Store later this fall.

The Marvel Heroes game will be playable on all Disney Infinity devices.

The Disney App will allow users to download the game on their devices and stream it to the Apple TV and iPhone.

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