UK TV ratings: Baby shower games and games with guns

A new BBC TV game called Baby Shower Games is getting the same ratings as the new Battlefield game.

The latest figures show the latest Battlefield game, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, is getting 18.9 million viewers on BBC One.

The same game was last seen in the UK in April 2017 and has been shown on BBC Two, Channel 4, and ITV since then.

Call of a Dead Boy received an even bigger increase in audience with 22.5 million viewers.

It’s the first time the game has seen such an increase in viewers since the new series was shown in October.

The new series is also being shown on ITV1 in the US.

Battlefield Hardline has also seen an increase.

The previous season of Battlefield Hardlode saw 9.9m viewers, making it the most watched game of all time in the United Kingdom.

Battlefield 4 received a 9.6m audience.

There are also plenty of other games to choose from.

Battlefield 5 received an average of 10.1 million viewers in the last week of the campaign, making the last two campaigns the most-watched ever.

The BBC said the new games are the most streamed games on its platform.

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