When you’re in your twenties, you’re ready to retire: The Cubs game

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Now That the dust has settled from last weekend’s presidential election, the next steps for President-elect Donald Trump will be a matter of when rather than if, according to his team.

Here are the things we know so far.

Trump won the election by nearly a 2 million vote margin over Democrat Hillary Clinton, but his team has been struggling to put together a winning strategy for the next four years.

And while some Democrats have said they would be willing to work with Trump to address a range of issues, others are wary of his administration and would prefer a more conservative president.

Here’s how the next few years could play out for the Trump White House.


The Trump transition process begins The Trump team will be tasked with making sure Trump is ready for his inauguration as the 45th president.

Trump’s transition team is expected to release its first draft of a plan for the transition, which includes plans for how to create jobs, create a federal workforce, hire new people, pay down debt and improve infrastructure.

They’ll also plan for a day of “drain the swamp” demonstrations in which protesters will march through the streets of Washington and outside Trump Tower to highlight the lack of progress on many of Trump’s campaign promises.

Trump has vowed to take on the political and media establishment that he says has rigged the election, but he’s also warned that he won’t back down.

And many of his supporters have suggested he’ll use the transition as a chance to rebuild his political fortunes.

Trump and his team are expected to hold several news conferences during the transition and will hold a number of other events throughout the week.

Trump is expected meet with congressional leaders and discuss ways to build trust with lawmakers, which he’s done during the presidential campaign.

They will also meet with the heads of some state and local governments and with the governors of key states.

The transition team will also be meeting with Trump’s cabinet members and congressional aides, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, Secretary Ryan Zinke and Deputy Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao.

Some of the more controversial decisions will be made at the White, which will also have a new director of strategic communications and chief operating officer.


The first full Cabinet is in place In addition to the new chief of the national security staff, the first full-time cabinet members are expected at the agency and at the Pentagon, as well as at the State Department and the National Economic Council.

Some senior Trump administration officials are expected also to be appointed to senior positions within the departments of the Treasury, the Agriculture Department, Energy, Justice, Homeland Security and the Treasury Department.

In addition, the White will hold an executive meeting and have a meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday, which is expected at 7:30 p.m.

ET. 3.

Trump will use the first days of the new administration to try to reshape the country Now Playing Democrats call on Trump to stay in office until impeachment investigation ends Now Playing House Democrats demand Trump stays in office as impeachment probe ends Now Loading The Trump administration has not released any new details about the president-elect’s agenda or plans, but Democrats