When will the Cubs’ new season start?

By Jon MorosiPosted Apr 07, 2019 09:04:55A lot has changed in the last couple weeks.

After a long offseason of contract negotiations and contract negotiations, the Cubs are finally starting to put together a plan to move on.

The Cubs have traded veteran pitcher Anthony Rizzo to the Chicago White Sox for minor league outfielder Daniel Robertson.

Robertson is expected to help the White Sox reach the playoffs for the first time since 2012, and he’ll help the Cubs in a few different ways.

First, he’s a young slugger who’s been playing in the minor leagues since 2015.

The Cubs have been looking for a veteran slugger to add some power to their lineup.

The White Sox were interested in signing Robertson before the season, but the Cubs were unable to come to terms.

The White Sox also traded outfielder Kyle Schwarber, who has a reputation for being a strong hitter, to the Dodgers for infielder Kyle Lohse.

The Dodgers have been trying to re-sign Schwarber for a few years now, and they’ve had some success.

The Dodgers are still trying to figure out what they want to do with him, and Schwarber is a big part of that, and Lohssen is also a big player in the clubhouse.

Robertsson is expected join the Cubs next season, and the Cubs hope to get a lot out of him, which will allow the team to be more aggressive with their acquisitions.

This article will be updated with the Cubs new season starting on May 2.