How Hillary Clinton’s team plans to boost the brand for her presidential bid

More from Politico: When Hillary Clinton announced her bid for president in early March, she touted her record of public service as first lady, senator, secretary of state and first lady.

She touted her accomplishments as first woman and then as president, while also using her role as a leader to encourage young women to get involved in politics and engage in the democratic process.

In her bid to be the Democratic nominee, Clinton is hoping to win over young voters and make history in the process.

Her campaign is spending millions of dollars on a brand-building effort that includes launching a campaign-style website, a new campaign-finance law that allows candidates to raise unlimited sums and launching a digital media strategy that includes social media and online video.

In addition, the Clinton campaign is making a push to reach the millennial voters, especially women, who are crucial to Clinton’s chances of winning the White House.

The campaign is also launching a new digital platform that is designed to reach women who are passionate about politics and are more interested in learning about the issues.

Clinton, a former senator and secretary of State, is one of the most powerful women in politics.

She is a former first lady and a U.S. senator, and a former U.N. ambassador, as well as a United Nations secretary general and the longest-serving female president.

But Clinton’s campaign is not a typical campaign, and it is taking on a much larger challenge: the brand.

As a former First Lady, she is also the first woman to lead a major political party.

And as a former Secretary of State and a senator, she has become the face of the Clinton legacy, one that has helped her to win her second presidential bid.

Clinton’s brand is also being challenged in ways that are unprecedented for a female candidate.

Clinton is running a brand that is deeply tied to the Democratic Party and to her family, and is also raising money from corporations and individuals that could help boost her campaign.

And the Clinton brand is being challenged not only by the Democrats but also by Republicans, who have embraced the brand and have sought to capitalize on the brand’s positive image.

It is a challenge that will require the Clinton team to think outside the box, said Robby Mook, Clinton’s former campaign manager and now an adviser to the campaign.

“She is the most iconic brand of a political party and brand, period,” Mook said.

“I think she’s going to have to make a really big push to try to stay in the forefront of this.”

A look at the issues The Clinton brand, which has become synonymous with the first lady’s tenure, is also under fire from conservatives and Republicans.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign released a statement from a conservative blogger who argued that the brand is a political propaganda tool that Clinton is using to advance her own political agenda.

“The Clintons have been in power since the early ’90s, and for decades they have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on advertising in the hope that their image would be a symbol of power,” wrote Matthew Boyle.

“But the Clintons have lost the public trust.

Their image has become a tool to promote the Clintons’ political agenda.”

Boyle’s blog, called “Trump’s American First,” is a frequent target of Clinton’s critics.

In a recent post, Boyle argued that Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, should be pulled from the shelves of libraries and that it should be “put in the trash.”

In a post last month, he also said that the Clinton Foundation, the charity that raised money for Clinton’s presidential campaign, should no longer be funded.

He also called for a boycott of the Clintons.

“We must stop being a party and become a movement, an organization that fights for and supports our fellow Americans and the ideals of the American Dream,” Boyle wrote.

“This is the future of the Democratic party.

Stop supporting the Clintons.”

It is not the first time the Clintons are being criticized for using the brand to promote their agenda.

In 2012, the Clintons also used the brand of the New York Times to promote Bill Clinton’s wife’s bid for the White