How to buy the best hockey ticket at the best price in Canada

It’s the best game in town for those with a budget.

But the prices can vary wildly.

And with the holidays looming, here’s what you need to know to get the best seats.


How much does a ticket cost?

A ticket can be purchased for $1.25 online or by phone at any of the three Ticketmaster outlets.

Ticketmaster says it offers the lowest prices for “regular season” games, with prices starting at $1 for each home game, $2.25 for the first four home games and $3 for the last four home home games.

It’s also available for a variety of other games, such as the NHL All-Star Classic.


Can I get a refund?

A refund can be requested by calling Ticketmaster’s toll-free number, 1-800-TICKETMASTER, and entering the “refund” code in the box provided.


Is there a list of all the games in town?

There’s a list available online.


How many seats are there?

There are seven seats available for every home game.


What is the difference between regular season and playoff hockey?

Regular season hockey is played by teams in the Eastern Conference and the Central Division.

Playoffs hockey is also played by two teams, the Central and Eastern Conference, with the winner playing the Central Conference champion.

For the playoffs, home teams in each conference play three home games against their Central Conference opponents.


Where do I find the best seating?

To find the seating closest to you, head over to the SeatGeek site, which includes all the available seats, and search for a city.

The best seats will appear in blue, while the worst seats will be red.


How does the ticket prices compare?

Tickets range from $1 to $2 for a regular season game, with ticket prices starting around $2 on the home end.

Regular season tickets are sold in advance through Ticketmaster and can be ordered online or at Ticketmaster locations.

In addition to the cheapest tickets, you’ll find prices for many other games.


What are the best prices for home games?

The cheapest ticket for a home game is $1 at most Ticketmaster stores, including online.

For a playoff game, the cheapest ticket is $2 at most locations.

The cheapest tickets can also be purchased at the gate at any time for $2 each.

Tickets also can be bought at TicketMaster’s ticketing site,, where prices start at $2, but prices vary widely depending on the game.


Is it a good idea to bring a camera?

Cameras can be a great aid for capturing your favorite moments, and they are an excellent way to capture the atmosphere of a game.

But they aren’t allowed in the arena for the home game and for playoff games.


Are there other ticket sites to watch the games?

There is Ticketmaster, a subscription-based site that offers online tickets.

TicketGeek is a website that sells tickets directly to fans, with no need for a subscription.

TicketMaster has similar offerings for some NHL and NCAA hockey games, but those are limited to fans in the stadium and don’t sell out quickly.


Is the weather good?

If it’s clear outside, it’s a good time to watch a game at home, especially when it’s not too windy.

But weather conditions can vary widely, especially in a wintertime climate.


Are the fans friendly?

There aren’t many friendly faces during games.

Fans tend to be rowdy during playoff games and are generally noisy.


What if I get an injury?

If you’re wearing a mask, it might be a good plan to wear it when you play.

But don’t be afraid to wear a towel if you’re not in a hurry.

Fans will also often push people to get into the game, so if you see that, you should immediately take off your mask and get back in. 14.

Is anyone allowed in?

Most stadiums have a designated area in which fans can watch the game but not interfere with players.


How can I check in?

Tickets can be checked in online at or by calling 1-866-639-8448.

If you want to make sure that everyone is getting their tickets in time for the game at the time, call Ticketmaster or enter your personal information in the form provided.


Can my children play?

Children ages 5 and under can watch games on their own at their parents’ or guardians’ homes.

The game can be broadcast live on CBC, but the CBC Sport app is also available to watch live on your computer or mobile device.


Where can I find seats?

The best seat locations for a game are around the corner, where fans can get a closer look at their favorite players.


Can you find a seat in a specific section?

It’s not as easy as it sounds